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About Lisa

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How to pronounce my name:
Here is a helpful hint:
My last name rhymes with the word "closure."  

To hear me talk about my name, go to
and type in my name.  

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outside writing.jpg

          long time ago...
I grew up in the small town of Fairfield, Iowa, and we had a great library. I loved to pedal my bike across town to the library, stopping at the Handy Pantry to spend a quarter on candy.

I played a lot of sports, but I always loved reading, too. I read Little Women five times in fifth grade, and that is a very thick book! It’s still my all-time favorite.

My mom always read books to me when I was little, and my dad reads constantly, too. But it was my Grandma Crockett who showed me I could be an author. She used to write stories about my sister, Sindy, and me. We were always the heroes! She would draw pictures to go with them and bind them with bright red yarn. When I read those stories, I was amazed. From that moment on, I wanted to be a children’s author.


Lisa with brown bear.jpg
lisa kindergarten.png

A perfect day with my favorite bear.

First day of kindergarten. 

These are the stories my grandma wrote and sent to my sister and me.

lisa and sindy.PNG
lisa mom dad.PNG

I match my little sister, Sindy.

Christmas day with Mom and Dad.

Fairfield library.png

I absolutely loved going to our library in Fairfield, Iowa.


        while ago. . .
I graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in elementary education. Then I married my wonderful husband, Marty. I taught fifth grade at Colonial Hills Elementary in Worthington, Ohio. I'm proud to say that I was never beaten in a footrace by any of my students!

ch 2.jpg

Colonial Hills Elementary was an absolutely wonderful place to teach fifth grade!  


     hen, we moved to Cedarburg, Wisconsin and lived there for 28 years.  While I was a stay-at-home mom with our daughter, Lydia, I started pursuing my dream of writing children's books.  I took classes, joined a group of wonderful writers who became dear friends, and wrote, wrote, wrote.  It took seven years of work until I had my first book published.  But the writing was joyful, the work was fun, and I think it was all in God's perfect timing.  

Writing is still fun.  My favorite thing to do is hike a trail with our beloved dog and daydream about stories.  Sometimes, I'll even pack a lunch and sit by a stream or under a tree to write.  Our dog explores, swims in the stream and checks in on me every five minutes.  In fact, he is always right by my side when I unpack that lunch!   We had some grand adventures along the way. 


    ow we live in Columbus, Ohio, again.  Our daughter, Lydia, grew up, went to college, and graduated from Iowa State.  She married Harrison in 2021, and now we are blessed to call him our son.  They direct the Salt Christian Campus Ministry at Ohio State and live in Columbus, Ohio, which is where we started.  So, we moved back to Ohio, too!  

I have had a very blessed writing career.  I thank God for it all.  


ere are some of my favorite adventures and memories.  

Lisa's family 2003.jpg
Hot air balloon.JPG
scuba 1.JPG

A picture of my family when our daughter was in kindergarten.

I went up in a hot air balloon even though I'm afraid of heights.  It was so peaceful!

Marty, Lydia and I learned how to scuba dive!

whale 9.JPG
whale 7.JPG

This was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life.  When we were in Hawaii, a humpback whale came alongside our boat.  He literally played hide-and-seek with us for an hour.  He would dive under the boat and pop up on one side.  Then he'd dive under and pop up on the other side.  We would run to the side of the boat and wait for him, cheering and laughing.  But whales have a sense of humor.  Sometimes, he'd swim under the boat and then reverse direction!  We'd be waiting on one side of the boat and he would pop up on the other.  Truly, I think whales can laugh.  Such joy!  I thank God for this gift.


Lydia and Harrison on their wedding day!  

We were all so filled with joy for God's blessings of that day!


This is my family - Marty, me, Lydia, and Harrison.  I feel so blessed.  



• I love God!  

• I love and believe in Jesus!  

• I love the Holy Spirit!
• I love Christmas!

• I love books, books, books, lots of books.

• I love hiking a trail with my beloved dog.

• I love writing outside beside a stream.  

• I love humpback whales that play hide-and-seek and think they're funny when they swim in reverse to try and trick you.

• I love kayaking.

• I love scuba diving.  It's so peaceful, and I am joyfully surprised by some new fish or sea creature every time I dive.  

• I love o travel and have adventures.

• I love ice cream.  And it's too hard to pick a favorite flavor.  I just adore ice cream!
• I love the smell of a leather softball glove on a hot, summer day.

•  love pickle ball.  Although I am the worst in my family, I just love running around and hitting the ball.
• I love a new box of crayons.
• I love chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, chocolate pie, chocolate candy bars and chocolate ice cream.

   If they made chocolate meatloaf, I'd eat that, too!
• I love libraries.  It's so fun to just walk up and down the aisles of books, picking ones that interest me.
• I love playing games of any kind.

• I love all four seasons.  My favorite is fall.  Or maybe it's winter because of Christmas and snow.  It's hard to pick.

• I love pizza with a thin crust, pepperoni and extra cheese.

• I love warm, cushy socks.

• I love the smell of peppermint.  I have a peppermint candle that makes me so happy.

• I love stamping and making cards.  Basically, I just love to color!

• I love to cuddle up on rainy or snowy days with a book, a cup of coffee or cocoa, and a notepad for story ideas.
• I love going on vacations and flying in an airplane.

• I love reading cookbooks and finding new recipes.

• I love thinking about and then searching for the perfect present for people that I love.
• I love playing dolls with my daughter when she was little.
• I love looking at Lake Michigan. It’s so big, it reminds me of the ocean.
• I love being a children’s book author. It’s a great blessing.

      don’t like. . .

• I don't like to whistle because I can’t do it.

• I don't like packing a suitcase because I can never decide what to take.
• I don't like baiting a fish hook.
• I don't like touching Styrofoam. It gives me the willies.
• I don't like hard math problems.

• I don't like when I can't find things or lose things.  
• I don't like taking down the Christmas tree. It makes me sad.
• I don't like mowing the lawn.



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