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Writing Workshop:

216 Story Ideas

This is my most popular presentation!


Second grade-Sixth grade


Large or small groups.  I've worked with individual classrooms, grade levels and multi-grade levels.  On many occasions, I've worked with over 100 students at a time in a lunchroom or auditorium.  My teaching experience makes me extremely comfortable working with large or small groups.  


60 minutes

Equipment needed:

Schools need to provide:

-a computer with the projection capability to display a Power Point presentation onto a screen for the audience to see. I will bring my presentations on a flash drive and load it onto the school's computer.

-a microphone

-each student needs to bring a prepared Writing Workshop template* and a pencil.  If the students will be sitting on the ground, they also need to bring something hard to write on such as a clipboard or hardback book.  

*I will mail an example of the Writing Workshop template to the school several weeks before the author visit.  Teachers can easily make this in the classroom with the students' help in five minutes.  It is essential, though, that the students come to the Writing Workshop with the template already prepared and ready to work.  


This is, by far, my most popular presentation!  Kids love it.  Teachers love it.  And I love it. 

Every student will leave the presentation with their very own 216 story ideas.  The ideas will be original and unique to each student.  It's an incredible hour of work!

Working together and studying great picture books, we will define, discuss and explore the elements of stories called character, setting and conflict.  The highlight of this session will be the creation of a project that will give students story ideas to last the school year.    

The buzz of ideas and genuine excitement for writing is electric.  Students can't wait to get back to the classroom and start writing their stories.  

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