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First Grade Story Mapping


First Grade


Individual classes

Parent volunteers play an important role in this writing workshop.  A ratio of one volunteer to every 5 or 6 students is ideal.


45-60 minutes

Equipment needed:

-each student needs to bring a pencil and a Story Map that the school has provided.*

*I will send them a template of the Story Map to the school well before the author visit.  Schools need to copy the template, assemble them and provide them to the students prior to the workshop.  It's essential that the students walk in with a pencil and prepared Story Map.



Before I ever sit down to write a story, I think deeply about characters, conflict, and resolution.  I create a plan of where I want the story to go and what I want to happen.  Using this very same process, first graders will develop two distinct characters, a problem, and a resolution.  They will write their ideas on their story map and share them with classmates.

I absolutely love this writing workshop.  There is nothing like first graders’ joy when they’re writing a story!

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