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Book Orders for Author Visits

Some schools like to sell books for an author visit.  This can be a fun part of the author visit, but is by no means a requirement.  I completely understand a school’s decision to either sell or not sell books with the author visit.

If your school would like to sell books to coincide with the author visit, I have discovered some tips and techniques that can make the project sail a little smoother.

  1.  Schools will want to preorder books prior to the author visit.  Ordering the books 3-4 weeks before the author

      visit allows families time to look over the book list, make their selections and pay beforehand.  It also allows

      enough time for me to personally sign each book to the child. 


It's important to know that I sign the books ahead of the author visit.  Signing books can take many hours.  I'm so sorry, but it's just not possible to sign books during the actual author visit.  By receiving the books beforehand, I can sign each book to the student with a little note, and then I can walk into the author visit with the books already signed.  The students will receive their inscribed books on the day of the visit.  It works out great!

  2.  To facilitate the book orders, schools will want to make an order form.  Helpful things to include on the order           form are the pictures of the book covers, description of the books and prices.  Feel free to use the

       descriptions of the books from my website.  

      It's also very important that the following information is included on the order form and returned with each 


                  • Student’s name

                  • Titles of book/s that each student orders    

                 • Student’s grade

                 • Student’s teacher

                 • Inscription request.  I always put a little saying and my signature in the book, but it's nice to 

                   personalize the book to the student. Sometimes, families will want the book inscribed to several

                   children, and that's perfectly fine, too.  Asking them to print on this line is helpful to ensure that I

                   spell the names correctly.

                   Please inscribe to:

 3.  Several of my books come in both hardback and paperback editions.  It’s wonderful to offer both option

      price points to families.


Schools or PTO/PTA’s can preorder books in a variety of ways. Please choose whatever way works best for your school.  I do need to have the books and the order forms at least 1 week before the author visit.  Please consider how to get the books to me as you make your ordering selection.  

 1.  I always like to encourage schools to support their local bookstore and order through them.  If the store is

      within 45 miles of Columbus, Ohio, I can drive and pick them up.  If it is farther away, please have them sent

      to my house along with the individual order forms so I can sign the books.

 2.  You can order books online.  Please have the books sent to my house when you order them.  You can send the

      individual order forms from the students to my house, also.  

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