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I feel blessed to be a children's author because I get to do what I love every day.  I get to read.  I get to write.  And on my very best days, I get to speak with children about reading and writing. 

Before I became an author, I was a fifth grade teacher, and I feel that my teaching  experience greatly enhances my author visits.  And I love being back in the classroom!

I offer a variety of presentations including entire school, large, and small group presentations, writing workshops, kindergarten/pre-school story time, and author lunches.


I am often asked, “What do other schools choose?  What do you recommend?”

By far, my most popular program is my Writing Workshop: 216 Story Ideas.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, schools choose this program for part or all of their day.  It appeals to the second grader as much as the sixth grader. Personally, I love this workshop because students leave with 216 story ideas and a renewed excitement for writing.


Each school is different and has different needs.  Please look at the menu of presentations that I offer and custom tailor a day’s author visit that pleases you. 

To schedule and plan a visit,
discuss presentations in more depth
or find out more information on fees,
please contact Lisa at:

Menu of

Author Presentations

Drawing of Squirrel

  Just Like You


Writing Workshop: 216 Story Ideas

My most popular presentation!

Drawing of Fox

Plotting a Story

Drawing of Owl

First Grade Story Mapping

Drawing of Hedgehog



  Teachers and Students

Drawing of Reindeer

Preparing for an Author Visit

Watercolor Butterfly 16

Book Orders for Author Visit

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