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Drawing of Fox

Plotting a Story


Third grade-Sixth grade


Large or small groups


60 minutes

Equipment needed:

Schools need to provide:

-a computer with the projection capability to display a Power Point presentation onto a screen for the audience to see. I will bring my presentations on a flash drive and load it onto the school's computer.

-a microphone

-completed story template from the Writing Workshop: 216 Story Ideas



-If students are sitting on the floor, they need to bring something hard to write on such as a clipboard or a hardback book


This presentation is a follow-up to the Writing Workshop: 216 Story Ideas.  Students need to have taken Writing Workshop: 216 Story Ideas earlier in the day or on a previous day if it is a multi-day author visit.  

Studying many different picture books, we will explore the concepts of:

         • conflict and resolution

         • story arc

         • turning point

         • rule of three 

         • endings with a twist

Students will take the character, setting and conflict from Writing Workshop: 216 Story Ideas and map out a plot for their story, replete with the concepts studied.  

This is a workshop that addresses more advanced concepts in writing.  Students will discover elements of story that they never realized before and translate it into their own stories.  

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